The First Few Days: A summary

So here’s a short account of my first few days: It’s hard. No matter how much of the language you study, you’ve only studied from a book, and not with actual people, people who talk really fast and who’s accent you’re not used to. In other words, the first day was nod and smile, and answer if possible. The second day was a little better. The third day was even better than that. It’s been a week now, and it’s really easy to understand/speak for the most part (TV is a little harder because you can’t say “what?” to the person on screen, and crowded areas where lots of other people are talking are hard because I need to be able to really hear the person to understand). But that’s what it’s like for the first few days.

You know how churches will have festivals to raise money? Nice little festivals during the day with a magician and some cotton candy? Well we went to one Sunday night, and it was not like that at all. It was a giant party, with loud music, and beer, and food, and it raised money for the church, and there were LOTS of people there. The last time I remember being at a church festival, in Salinas, there was nobody there and it was all very nice and quiet. This one was the polar opposite of that. It was awesome.


3 thoughts on “The First Few Days: A summary

  1. Consider yourself so fortunate that you already know a language so similar to Portuguese and proud of yourself for taking it upon yourself to study up on the language. Now imagine an EO speaker with no prep being in you situation. It would not take 3 days, and after 3 months, they’d be getting to your day 2. Seriously, I think that’s what a lot home sickness is about. If you don’t know the language, it also takes much longer to make friend… friends you can really talk to. Congratulations on your success!

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