I started school on Monday, the 8th, and it was pretty cool. School goes from 7:15 on the morning (on most days-some days it starts at 8) until 12, or 1, it depends on the day. I can’t quite remember yet which day has which schedule, but I’ll figure it out soon enough. Either way, that means you come home for lunch (and the whole family comes home for lunch, meaning the kids are home from school, the parents are home from work, etc.), eat lunch with your family (a big lunch, the equivalent of an American dinner) and then have the rest of the day to do your own thing. Everyone thought it was crazy that school for me went from 8 am to 2:45 (“You eat lunch at school??”) and that there were 2,500 students that were all in high school. My school here has 300 students, and it is all grades, from elementary school to high school. Here, the students don’t get to choose the subjects they are taught, and also, they have way more classes. They have different classes every day, sort of like a block schedule but not quite. With a block schedule, the classes alternate, A day, B day, A day, B day, et cetera. Here, they don’t alternate, each day has a different set of classes, with only some repeating. Math, for example, is taught on 3 different days. English is only taught on one day. Also, the teachers come to the class, as opposed to the students going to the teachers. And here’s the best part: they have real chalkboards. That’s pretty cool.

Classes include: Chemistry (Quimica- I have absolutely no clue what is going on in this class!), Physics (Fisica- Ditto), Geometry (Geometria-I sort of get it. Sort of.), Philosophy (Filosofia- This one’s great. Very easy for me), Art (Art history, not actually doing art itself. This one was confusing too), History (Historia- so easy! They’re on WW2, which I’m pretty good at, so it’s awesome), Biology (Biologia-it’s ok, I guess), Geography (Geografia-I’ve pretty much understand this one, too), Literature (Literatura- Nope. Don’t got this one either), English ( Yeahhh…), Writing (Not so bad, so far it’s just grammar which is pretty much the same as the grammar I know), and Portuguese (also sort of confusing, but it could be worse)

Next post- A bit about the rodeo, and maybe some photos… Stay tuned 😉


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