A little help from my friends

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a trip down the Amazon River and to the Northeastern region of Brazil. Every year, Rotary Youth Exchange provides trips for exchange students in their host countries. I just found out a few days ago that my district has a 2-week long trip to the northern part of Brazil, which takes us down the Amazon in a ferry boat and through the rainforest where we even go visit tribal people. Honestly, for a few years now, a dream of mine has been to someday sail down the Amazon, and now I have a chance to do that; however, there is a problem: the trip costs 4,500 reais, which is approximately 3,000 US dollars. The trip is so expensive because it includes airfare from my home in Sao Paulo (at least I’m already on the right continent); the only way to get to the Amazon is by plane. My family has already payed a lot of money for the youth exchange program, and they are also currently paying for my brother to go to college, which, as all we Californians know, gets more expensive every day. I really don’t want to ask them to pay more after all they’ve given me to just do this, which is why I’m now asking for your help. I would be eternally grateful if any of you could help in any financial way. I plan on pitching in too and have told my parents that when I return to the states I’ll get a job to pay my parents back any money that is not fundraised (it’s like my first student loan, haha), because I’m willing to do everything I possibly can to make this happen. The other problem is that Rotary needs to know very, very soon if I can go or not, which means I have  very little time to get together the money I need to pay for this trip.  If you can please help, please email my mom at jcrowley360@gmail.com ASAP with a “pledge” amount.

If you are willing and able to help decide to help, please email my mom before September 5th, I know that is really, really soon but the deadline to register is only a couple of days after that. Thank you all SOOOOO much!!

❤  ❤ ❤

PS Yeah, this is pretty much a pledge drive, so if no one pledges I’m going to call Ira Glass and he’s going to go to your house and tell you a humorous story about why you need to pledge, and then guilt trip you into it. Just sayin’.

PPS My apologies to Sgt. Pepper and his band for stealing lyrics from their most certainly copyrighted music.


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