O Rodeio

This is kind of outdated as the rodeo was some weeks ago, but I got sort of distracted and haven’t gotten around to posting until now. But it’s a fun little tidbit, especially for you Salinas people!

Those of you in Salinas should at least know something about the Rodeo, or to go by its full title, The California Rodeo Salinas. All the spectators sit at the Salinas sports complex , watching the bucking broncos and the bull riders and the lassoes and all that stuff. Also, it is during the day, so everyone is sitting in the sun eating peanuts and it’s lovely. Also it can be kind of boring.

Here, people don’t go to the Rodeo to watch the cowboys and the animals (although they do use it as an excuse to dress like a cowboy, like we do!). No, this Rodeo is all about the party. There are cows and horses and cowboys and bull riding, sure, but not that many people are actually watching; mostly they’re hanging out with their friends and drinking beer (or soda, in many cases!). It’s at night, and it doesn’t start wrapping up until close to 2 in the morning, and it is way more fun. The rodeo (in Portuguese spelled “rodeio”), called “Gigante Vermelho” (which means Big Red, on account of the area’s red dirt), is attended by practically everyone, and it was especially crowded on the first night because the post-rodeio show was a performance by Luan Santana, who is currently one of Brazil’s most famous musicians. The best part is, the rodeio starts on a Thursday, meaning that after staying up until 2 am, you get up at 7 am to go to school. I’m just kidding, that wasn’t the best part at all, that was horrible. The first night was definitely the best for me, since I was exhausted on all the nights after that. There was only one other thing I didn’t like, and that was that smoking is not at all prohibited, and that, of course, means that at all times the person right below you or right beside you or some other spot in your vicinity is smoking, and it is thus impossible to avoid breathing in second hand smoke; of course, this didn’t bother anyone else because they are all used to it. Regardless, it’s very fun, and way better than American rodeos, which are just boring in comparison.


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