Hello everybody! This is just a quick post to tell you about the beginning of the new school year!

Also allow me to apologize in advance for the title of this post. I just couldn’t help myself.

School started yesterday, January 30th (remember, here in the southern hemisphere the seasons are inverted, so while you are going into spring, we are going into fall!). I am in the 3rd (and final) year of high school, which is definitely the most intense. All of the subjects we take have been doubled from the last year (in other words, since we had 2 weekly chemistry classes last year, we now have 4). The reason for this is the process for getting into Brazilian universities: public universities are free of charge, but that means they have limited openings and are very hard to get into. The student has to be able to pass the vestibular test of the universities they’d like to go to, and the difficulty of the test depends on the university as well as what major the student is applying for (for example, someone who wants to study engineering will often have a somewhat different test than someone who wants to study business). So, in the last year of high school, Brazilian students have to study a LOT more, because they are reviewing all the things they learned during their first 2 years of high school as well as learning many new things.

Our books...for this quarter.

Everyone of us received this huge pile of books (the spiral bound ones are workbooks). We’ll be getting a new big workbook every month, and more textbooks every quarter. It’s crazy.

Every day goes from 7:15 am to 12:55 pm, with a 20 minute break at 10:00. Our schedule is as follows:


Chemistry (2 hours)

Philosophy/Sociology (2 hours)

Physics (2 hours)


Geography (2 hours)

Chemistry (2 hours)

Physics (2 hours)


Art history (1 hour)

History (1 hour)

Biology (2 hours)

Portuguese (1 hour)

Writing (1 hour)


History (2 hours)

Math (1 hour)

Biology (1 hour)

Math (2 hours)


Math (2 hours)

English (1 hour)

Biology (1 hour)

Literature (2 hours)

Each hour is a “class” but I went ahead and wrote “2 hours” instead of “2 classes” because I think it makes more sense for brains used to the American HS system. Also, after about a month, we will start having test every Thursday. THey won’t be long, only about 5 questions…but 5 questions for each subject. Which makes it more, and an even bigger pain in the you-know-where.

I won’t lie, when I saw the books and the schedule and how many undesirable classes like math and physics were in there I was like

and then I was like

hahaha I’m sorry I said I’d stop using gifs, but they are just such a great way of expressing my EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER (just kidding. I’m not on an emotional roller coaster. I just really like saying EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER).

Either way, it’s pretty intense already and it’s only been 2 days! Once we get used it should get better, of course. Hopefully. o_0

I’m hoping to take my camera to school this week and get some photos of it for you all to see, I’ll either add them to this post or stick them in a new one for your viewing pleasure.

Also, I’d just like to say (since weirdly enough I don’t think I have yet) thanks to everyone who reads this!!!! To me, the fact that you take time out of your life to read my stories, be they accounts of adventures, cultural musings, or just arbitrary screams of “I AM HERE LOOK HOW COOL IS THIS!!!” is very special. You don’t have to read it, and yet you do, even though looking back on it I think some of it really is crap. So anyway, thanks you so much! It really means a lot to me. Also, I’d like to encourage everyone who reads this to comment, to give feedback or just to say “hi!”

Thanks again, and I love you all!!!!



11 thoughts on “SKOOL IS 4 FOOLZ

  1. Gosh, hija, we all love you too… so much. This is a great post! So glad to get a glimpse into your life and the cool thing is it is what I would call serious college prep. If you can “conquer” this work load and by conquer, I don’t just mean survive, then you’ll be so ready for the college experience. It sounds so intense. I know you’re up for it! Hugs back atcha. Mamá

    • yeah right mom i’m just going to sleep!
      just kidding. I do my best to pay attention, but it’s really hard for me in some classes. Mainly classes like physics, which I don’t understand at all since I never studied it. Other classes, however, I pay attention and take notes and everything. Thankfully, though, I have no big test looming over my life like all my friends do….;p

  2. É um prazer ler seu blog, Gabiiii… Você escreve muito bem, na minha opinião xD É muito legal ver o que você pensa sobre nosso cotidiano e o Brasil, esse país que a maioria de nós ama e odeia ao mesmo tempo haha
    Keep it up

  3. Hi Gabriela! Wow! I’m impressed. I guess one could conclude that high schools in America are too soft on our students? What do you think? Now I know why you start so early! It’s so you have the rest of the day and night to get your homework done! ha ha! Keep up the good work! You are totally up for this! If you knew physics already, it wouldn’t be a challenge, right!?! AND, just like you said……keep remembering how cool it is that you’re there!!! Look forward to your blogs! Love you too! Nancy

    • Haha, you are so right, whole afternoons are needed for studying :p
      And I’m not sure if I would say that our high schools are soft on students just because of how different the system is…we don’t need to learn all the subjects they need, since we don’t have to take this kind of exam to get into college. It’s sort of apples and oranges, I think ;p

  4. Que lindo seu blog, americana! É muito legal ver que você entende sobre vestibular e escola quase melhor que nós brasileiros! hahahah É realmente muuuuita coisa! Bom, parabéns, você realmente escreve muito bem (pelo que eu entendi do seu inglês xD)

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