A quick follow-up and a few random tangents

Bom dia a todos!

Got a short post for you today, mostly pictures. Hope you enjoy!

This is just a bit of a follow-up on that last post…I wanted to say a few words on photography. I mentioned that there are lots of animals in the area I was visiting (the region, I neglected to mention, is known as the Pantanal). I didn’t get loads of photos of these animals, however, mainly because they would always show up at inconvenient times when I didn’t have my camera on me, and even if I had had my camera, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get a good photo. However, we’re in luck! My host brother, Raul, is an amateur photographer who really is very good (what is it with me and photographers? I have a pro photographer uncle and cousin-in-law, and an amateur (but excellent) photographer brother, and now host brother!)

Anyway, here’s pic my host brother got of a blue parrot:

Photo by Raul Val

It’s a pretty rare species, but we saw 3 of them!
He doesn’t have lots of photos from our trip up right now, but you guys should definitely check them out. Here’s one of my favorites: http://500px.com/photo/5255891

You can see all his photos by clicking here and here. It’s worth taking a look!

Now, just to change the subject a bit…i’m going to go on a few tangents here, so be ready!

First: My class (since we are in our last year) get to every once in a while have “trote” (pronounced “tro-che”…literally means “hoax”) days, in which we all do something silly. Last Friday, we had a hat and boot “trote,” in which everyone wore a silly hat and boots (or, for those of us without boots, tall socks). Luckily, I brought the amazing Gryffindor beanie that my awesome cousin Emma gave me with me (on a whim…I mean honestly, who expects to use a beanie in Brazil??) so I was all set!

^ The whole class, after school

^My friend Bruno and I showing off our sassy socks!

Giving my amazing friend Pati a ride!

As you can see, it was lots of fun. It was a pretty busy weekend for me after that; Friday night I went to my “cousin’s” birthday party. I’m actually not sure how old she was turning, but she’s probably around 5. In fact, this is about her:

That actually happened (the other girl is my friend Pati) at my host mom’s birthday party. Super cute! Anyway, we had her birthday party on Friday night. On Saturday night I went to two birthday parties! First, I went with my host family to a family friend’s son’s birthday party, and after spending a while there, my host brother and I left and went to my friend and classmate Bruna’s birthday party. It was really fun, and it brings me to an observation about small towns and how ridiculous they are: I was at my friend’s birthday party. One of my friend’s cousins happens to be married to the president of my host Rotary Club. One of her other cousins has a boyfriend who happens to be the son of my host Rotary’s Youth Exchange Officer, and he happens to live across the street from me. He and my friend’s cousin are musicians, and we often come across the performing in restaurants. I’m pretty sure if I think about it, I could come up with even more connections , but I’ll leave it at that. Small towns. You may not know everyone, but you know ALMOST everyone!

Okay, going to throw in a few random things for ya and then I’ll shut up.

One, I wanted to share this video with you because I saw it and really though it was amazing. So here you go:

Isn’t that lovely?



even though it’s really weird looking, I think it might be on drugs, which is a real shame you know. Either way, KITTENZ they are here to make you happy.

Okay, I think I’m done. Gosh, it hasn’t been long since I last updated, has it? This is sort of impressive, for me! Oh, one more thing, I am planning on making a video, I’m thinking I’ll do it in a week or so, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading, everyone. I hope the kitten brightened your day.

hahahaha I’m so strange o_0



9 thoughts on “A quick follow-up and a few random tangents

  1. 1) Oh my goodness, hija. Thanks so much for sharing.
    2) A well made film that makes me feel, think and ponder is the best sort of film there is. I can see the dance in my mind. It’ll have to wait until next year’s recital.
    3) Some pictures of your school, house(s) and neighborhood are SO overdue. 🙂
    4) Your host brother is an amazing photographer (in my no-nothing opinion… but I know what I like).
    5) Te quiero montones!!!!!

  2. TRO CHE! KKKKKKKKKKKKK Muito bom! As fotos do mato grosso estão lindas também! Só ta falntando uma coisa pro seu blog ficar “awesome”: uma foto MINHA =( hahha
    Vou ver o video assim que meu computador me permitir!

  3. Hi Gabriela! You are a hoot!! Seriously, stand-up comedy might be in your future! In any case, I know when you’re older and you read these blogs you will just crack up! You certainly crack me up! Looks like some nice friends! Are they all there with Rotary or are they Brazilian? So, do they
    eat cake at their birthday parties? Silly question, huh? Also, loved the blue parrot AND THE CAT!!! I’m going to go back and look at your host bro’s photos! You know, you left out Pop Pop who prides himself as an amateur photographer! Another silly question? We miss you!! Do you get homesick? Love you, Sweetie! Nancy

    • Thanks Nancy! I’m so glad you enjoy them 🙂
      Those are all my Brazilian friends, from my school. I don’t spend too much time with other exchange students because since I’m in a small town, I’m the only one! And yes, we do eat birthday cake, although it is different from American cake. Still really good, though! Haha and that’s true isn’t it…what is it with my family and photography?? Weird… and to be honest I don’t get really homesick, haha, I just go with the flow and it all works out 🙂

      • Hey! Hi!! You’re on the computer right now! Cool! What time/day is it. Here it’s 5:16pm on 3/13.
        What are you up to? Probably homework with all those classes! ha ha! It’s like we’re instant messaging! xoxo Nancy

    • Haha I’m glad you liked them! And in response to that other comment, it’s 10:20 pm. We’re only 4 hours ahead now thanks to daylight savings (until a few days ago we were 6 hours ahead!) haha and I’m not doing much ;p

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