March review! (video!!)

Okay, I promised video, so you get video! And yes, I know it’s sort of long, but hopefully it’s entertaining enough that you won’t notice 😉

The intro/outro song is “Awake My Soul” by Mumford and Sons, fyi.

I’ll follow this up in a day or two with pictures. Let me know in the comments how you feel about “vlogging” as opposed to normal “blogging!” Thanks for watching!


10 thoughts on “March review! (video!!)

  1. Well, Gabi Gabber, it was fun seeing your sunny face and hearing your stories… even your naked story. We are a nation founded by Puritans and some cultural characteristics die hard. 🙂

    Your highway story and even more importantly your funny way of telling stories was fun to watch and brought back an embarrassing memory of my own… no need for confessions here. I like your Vlog, but I also like seeing the written word. I suggest you keep it a mix, don’t switch out one for the other.

    Love you dearly!


  2. Hi Gabi! Pop and I LOVED your video. We laughed right along with you! It was great seeing your face! We miss you. I also watched the video of you making tamales. I think that’s what you were doing? Right? Seems like you’re with a really nice and fun family!!!

    We’d love a “combo” of both in the future. I like Mom’s idea! Will look forward to more pictures too!
    Happy Easter!!! I’d love to hear how Easter is celebrated in Brazil!! Will there be an Easter egg hunt for the little ones?

    Hope your cold is better. Take care. Mucho love!!! Nancy and Pop Pop

  3. Adorei seus vídeos, Gabi! 🙂 Foi mais fácil de entender você nestes do que naquele com a boca cheia de chocolate kkkkkkk Enfim, eu gostei bastante desse novo formato de postagem, ficou ótimo xD

  4. My mommy and I loved it. She was just commenting that it would be great if you could incorporate some of the photos into your vlog! :DDD

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