Picture post :)

My last post was in video format, so there weren’t any pictures…a situation that must be remedied! Here are some pictures of all the stuff I talked about in my “vlog.” So here goes….PICTURE DUMP!

A sticker my wonderful friend Maria Fernanda gave me a few weeks ago. It translates, more or less, to "what you are leaves marks." I put it on my laptop, underneath the screen, so that I can see it all the time 🙂 Right underneath my awesome desktop.

My awesome desktop, if you're interested. Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie keep my computer awesome for me.

My friend Maria Fernanda and I, setting off on the class field trip to Londrina!

At the mall in Londrina!

At my friend Patricia's house. It's really nice. From left to right, Pati, Bruna, Jéssica, Maria Fernanda, and me

At Pati's house, with Doralise the dog 🙂 left to right: me, Bruna, Maria Fernanda, Jéssica, and Pati


Bruna and I. Hippies!

Easter bunniiiiies!!

Jéssica, Bruno....and my face

My friend Amanda....and my faaaace

my faaaaaaaaaace

I think that’ll do for now. You can see more pictures by clicking here and here! Also, I’m planning on putting up a post relatively soon (maybe even today!) that is going to be a bit different and kind of weird. SO YOU SHOULD ALL BE LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. Well, look forward to it if you too are a bit different and kind of weird.


Until next time! 😉


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