May/June Review (condensed for your reading pleasure)

So I haven’t posted in over a month because I’m lazy and pathetic. Sorry. I’ve been pretty busy, so here’s a very condensed review of what I’ve been up to:

First of all: I’M EIGHTEEN NOW AW YES. My birthday was on a Saturday, so the day before my friends held a surprise party for me in class! That got the day off to a great start, and then that evening I had a really, really great Brazilian birthday party. It was pretty much the perfect day.


My 2 sets of host parents and I

My girls! Jéssica, Maria Fernanda, me, Nathália, Bruna, and Patricia!
We’re like the Dynamic Duo or the Fantastic Four, except there’s 6 of us. The Super Six? The Sexy, Sassy, Spectacular, Scrumptious, or Stupendous Six? Help me out here people!

translating is such an exhausting job it’s not even funny.

The next week, a group of Koreans in Brazil via a Rotary group exchange program visited my Rotary Club, and I tagged along to help translate from Portuguese to English and vice-versa.

Unfortunately, I was struck down by a horrible cold, so the next week sort of sucked. The weekend was better, though, because my friends and I went to see a play! The play was an interpretation of the Brazilian classic “Dom Casmurro” by Machado de Assis, and it was a one-man show. The actor played all the characters and did a great job. It was really fun! The next evening, or town was having its annual corn festival, where people can buy all sorts of different foods made of corn. It was fun, but was way, way too crowded, which made it sort of hard to enjoy ourselves.

The next weekend was busy too, because we had the Rotary District Conference! All the exchange students went, and we did presentations on Friday and Saturday. It was quite exhausting (about 6 hours on the bus each way!)


We had Thursday and Friday off this week for the Corpus Christi holiday, so Wednesday night my friends got together to make chocolate fondue, and then it was straight to a FOUR DAY WEEKEND BABY!

Since it’s June, we’ve entered Festa Junina season. Festa Junina means June Festivals, and they are parties people hold to commemorate the feast days of Santo Antônio (Saint Anthony), São João (Saint John), and São Paulo (Saint Peter). People prepare traditional winter foods, since it is now winter and June can be particularly cold (yes, it gets cold in Brazil, especially in the Southern region), such as mulled wine, quentão (a variation of mulled wine made with cachaça instead of wine)and food made from corn (since it is corn season right now!). My host family and some of their friends had a small Festa Junina, and hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to go to some others!

One more thing: Tuesday was Dia dos Namorados, the Brazilian version of Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, 5 of my friends and I (five of us single, one kind-of-sort-of-not-exactly single) slept over at my friend Pati’s house (she lives out of town, on a farm) and did some of the traditional rituals to determine who our true love is, et cetera. There are lots of rituals that can be done to see the first letter of the name of your true love, some to attract a husband, and others to see how many kids you will have. We did two; in one, you hang a needle over a person’s hand, and depending on the way it swings, you find out how many/the gender of kids she’ll have. In the other, we each wrote the letters of the alphabet on little pieces of paper, folded up the little papers, and then put them in in a water-filled container overnight. In the morning, whichever letter had unfolded the most is the first letter in your true love’s first name. So, apparently, I’m going to have 2 kids, a girl and a boy, and my true love’s name starts with “N” or “L.” The first name one didn’t really work, however, because for most of my other friends, almost all the papers opened! This game, I then surmised, is not very scientific and/or true love doesn’t exist. I’M JUST KIDDING I’VE ALREADY CHOSEN BABY NAMES.

Well, that just about brings us up to date! I will try try try to update you a bit more often since there really ISN’T THAT MUCH LEFT TO UPDATE ON! As of tomorrow (the 15th) I have a month and 8 days until my departure on the 22nd.

As a reward for reading this, and in honor of Dia dos Namorados, here is a picture of Humphrey Bogart in a classic awkward 1940s face-smush-kiss


Remember you can find loads of photos here, here, and here.



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