Last week of school!

This week was the last week of the first semester of school, and since it would be my last week going to school in Brazil (the month of July is winter break), I decided to bring my camera to school and take a few photos!

With physics teacher Ulises

With geography teacher Edgar

With chemistry teacher Flavia

With physics teacher Helio

Biology teacher Marcão and me. It was his idea, not mine, but I tihnk the photo came out preeetty awesome

Philosophy/sociology, art, and history teacher Rodney

English teacher Juliana

Biology teacher Eduardo

Portuguese grammar/literature teacher Gustavo (“as mina pira,” by the way, basically means “the girls go crazy”)

I didn’t get pictures with all of my teachers, but this is most of them. Fun stuff.

Me, striking a pose outside the school

the whole school

and here’s a picture of Batman that I drew on my desk today. Just for you.

I took a lot of other photos of my school that you can see if you click here. Now that this week is over, I have 3 more weeks until going to back to the USA. I don’t really have any plans for my winter vacation, but hopefully my friends and I will be able to keep busy!

Now, here’s something weird and different: the other day in school we weren’t doing anything (end of the semester and all that), so I went through the notebook I’ve been using this semester and counted all the things that I’ve doodled more than once, just to see how many times I’ve doodled them throughout the semester. And so, to whom it may concern, the statistics (give or take a few):

Sherlock (BBC): 51 

Loki (The Avengers): 42

Doctor Who: 39

Sherlock (original stories): 39

The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit: 16

Thor (The Avengers): 16

This is from the time I put on a fedora and it turned me into a private detective.
These things happen to me.
I have a fascinating life.

Batman/Robin: 10

There are more, but I’ll go ahead and leave you with just those. There’s loads of other stuff in there too, of course, but these are the most repeated. Just so you all know 😉

I think that’s about all I have to tell you for now. I have to wrap this up and get it posted so that I can get ready to leave, tonight is the inauguration of my host Rotary Club’s new president, and I have to be clean and good looking for it.

Thanks for reading everyone!


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